Wednesday, May 6, 2009


...places I've visited: Mexico, Ireland, Washinton (state) I've owned: Jeep, Mazda, Mustang

...foods I love: Mexican, fresh seafood, chocolate I've held: cattle pedigree clerk, legal secretary, BOA

...authors I love: Ken Follet, Thomas Perry, Barbara Delinsky

...places I've lived: Kingsville, Freer, Seguin

...favorite hobbies: reading, photography, card making

...bones I've broken: foot, ribs, hand shows I watch: The Office, Law & Order (all of them), Cash Cab

...songs that make me turn up the volume: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree, My Way (Los Lonely Boys), You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

...favorite drinks: Coke (from Sonic), water, iced peppermint tea board games: Yahtzee, Sorry!, Trivial Pursuit

...stores I could spend a whole day in: Barnes & Noble, Michael's, SteinMart

...chores I put off as long as possible: paying bills, vacuuming, dusting

...chores I kind of like: emptying the dishwasher, scrubbing sinks, cleaning the toilet

...things I would rather chew glass than do: figure cost basis, attend parties, go car shopping

...reasons I hate attending parties: mingling, small talk, having my picture taken

...favorite dog breeds: Jack Russell, German Shepherd, mutt

...things I just don't get: tube tops, bungee jumping, reality tv

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