Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 4 of 10 toward health...

Ah, what a day.

Breakfast was a can of SlimFast. I overslept and left the house so late, I just tossed the can in my purse and left.

Lunch: I worked through lunch today, but got off at 2pm. I had errands to run, so I got those out of the way. I was starving by then and knew if I didn't eat something before leaving town, I would eat everything in sight when I got home. So off to Sonic I go where I got a kids meal burger and tots with a mango limeade.

Dinner: When I finally got home, I changed out of work clothes and sat down to go through mail...and promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, it was too late to cook or eat anything heavy, but I definitely needed to eat something with some nutrition, so I opted for some of yesterday's tuna salad with crackers and tomatoes and an avocado.

Activity: Pppbbbtttt. First of all, I forgot to put on the pedometer before leaving the house. But having worn it for the past week, I feel like I did semi-okay with the walking, though I have no real validation. Of course, all the walking I did was in heels, so that's got to count extra, right?

To-do list task: Okay, here's the good part. One of the errands I completed was to go register at the wellness center...been on the to-do list for SO long. I should be able to start with water walking and water aerobics soon. That will be a nice change of routine and easier on the knees. I also sent an encouraging note to goal is to send one card/note to someone each week.


  1. You sound rather busy! I like your activity comment. and the light dinner... beautiful in color. I was always told its healthy to have lots of color on your plate. look forward to more!

  2. Money Funk...I was taught that about a variety of food colors too! :)

    I know yesterday sounded busy, but it wasn't so much busy as rushed because I got such a late start! :)

    Glad you liked the salmon salad.


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