Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What am I not reading Wednesday...

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A book being read gathers no moss, but the books around here are getting decidedly mossy.  I haven't finished either of the books I have been reading.

I am commuting this week, so not too many waking hours at home...and those are reserved for dishes and laundry.

I have spent most of my workdays doing required annual training.  It's been quiet at this branch, so I was able to plug away at them.  Today I finished the last of them...HALLELUJAH!  The 'boss' told me to bring a book tomorrow, as he will be out most of the day, and it should be really quiet again.  

Why, I don't mind if I do!  :)


  1. The good thing about books is they don't spoil or go bad... They will wait for you. :)

    1. The only thing is Elizabeth The Queen is a library ebook. It will stay on my Kindle as long as I don't turn on wifi to it (the original has been returned to the library from my Amazon account), but that means I can't download any others to my Kindle until I finish this one. :)

  2. I like your mossy books! Sometimes the reading goes slowly. I sail through some books and some take months.

    1. Thank you! This really encouraged me, because I don’t want to give up on either of these. I made some more progress this morning on the novel. :)


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