Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Break out the chopsticks...

I don't often fry things, and I virtually never deep fry anything.  But recently my sister told me she made egg rolls at home, and that they turned out great and weren't too hard.  So last night I decided to give them a try too.  I'm not putting up a detailed recipe, since I want to tweak the seasonings.

I used ground pork and browned it in a skillet.  Then I added prepared 'angel hair' cabbage slaw mix and I chopped onion and carrot.  I seasoned the mix and cooked just for a few minutes until the vegetables were slightly tender.

I rolled in prepared egg roll wrappers sealing with a dab of water.

I heated about an inch or so of oil in a large fry pan and cooked, turning to brown evenly...

...and then drained on paper towels.

I made fried rice to go along with them.  If I hadn't been so hungry, I would have made sure more of the vegetables showed in the photo to make it more colorful.  

For the fried rice, I cook 2 cups of rice as per the package directions.   I cut bacon into about 1 inch lengths and cook till starting to brown, then I add chopped onion and green pepper, shoestring carrots and sliced mushrooms and let cook till just tender.  I make a well in the middle of the vegetables and add a couple of beaten eggs and scramble, then I stir the eggs into the vegetables a bit and add the rice to the pan along with a generous amount of soy sauce, stirring to mix all.

I made both the egg rolls and rice in large amounts, since I wanted to have some to share with Jared and make Carey several meals to put in the freezer to take to work, as well as some for me to take to work for lunch today.  :)


  1. How clever to use coleslaw to make them and they do look delicious. I'm like you I don't fry often and I never deep fry.

    1. So many things are easier than they used to be! I read an idea to mist/spray them with olive oil and bake them. I might try that with a few of the next batch.

  2. Ooooooh, now my mouth is watering for egg rolls. Haven't had them in ages. I've never tried making my own, but you make it sound quite easy. I rarely fry, and never deep fry, but these might be worth it...

    1. I wouldn’t say it was easy, so much as simple. It was kind of a lot of standing, what with the rolling and frying. But I’m thinking it would be nice to make and cook a big batch and vacuum seal them by 2s or 4s for the future. It makes me so happy knowing I have a big bag of twice-baked potatoes in the freezer to make easy meals in a snap, I think these probably would too. I think if I fry them before freezing, we could just thaw and bake them.

  3. STOP! You're making me hungry!! I haven't made egg rolls since my college days. We used to make them fairly often until we had an incident with a wok full of hot oil and a carpeted (stupid) kitchen in my apartment. LOL!

    I remember lots of slicing & dicing. Making them wasn't difficult, but it did involve quite a bit of prep work. I didn't have the packaged slaw mix back then. :-)

    1. I told Rudy HE was going to have an incident with hot oil if he didn't stay out from under my feet! :)

      Ugh, we had a carpeted kitchen in a rent house once. Blech!

      I can almost guarantee if I had had to finely slice the cabbage myself, I wouldn't have made these. LOL


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