Friday, August 26, 2016

Frugal Friday File, week 34...

1.  Ahhh...a new 16-month calendar is ready to start using next week.  Homemade means it has everything I want, nothing I don't want, and no money spent.  :)

2.  Wanted to eat lunch out yesterday while running errands...came oh so close...but then came home and ate leftovers.

3.  Called to confirm my work days for next week, and tentatively picked up an extra day the week after as well.

4.  Received confirmation that an article and photographs I submitted has been accepted for publication and payment will be forthcoming.  Not a fortune, but equal to about one day's take-home at my day job; and was offered another article for the holiday edition.  :)

5.  Planning a garage sale with Kasey next month.  Gathering up stuff to exercise that really takes away the desire to spend money on more bric-a-brac.

Keep Tryings:
I planned a trip to WalMart specifically to return a pet carrier and get a pet bed.  As I was checking out, I was truly irritated to realize I had completely forgotten to bring the pet carrier.  Aargh...another trip required!

Frugal From the Kitchen This Week:
Saturday:  liver & onions, garlic mashed potatoes
Sunday:  Sunday family dinner at Kasey's
Monday:  Chili Frito Pie
Tuesday:  *late lunch out, skipped supper
Wednesday:  pork chops, hot potato salad, broccoli
Thursday:  *sushi
Friday:  *pizza

(*not-frugal takeout or dinner out)


  1. Congrats on your article being published - exciting!

  2. Yes congratulations on the article and photographs. That is something I would love to do just for fun. Your Frugal week has been good.


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