Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday, Monday...

Poor, poor Mama Granny Bear.  She looks as old and bedraggled as I feel today.  

This past weekend was a tough one.  I needed to be productive, and I was not.  Today is a national holiday (President's Day), so I'm not working, but I am working tomorrow, Wednesday, and Friday--all at offices out of town--so I won't get much done in the next few days either, I am sure.

I have had a non-stop headache and muscle tension since early last hazard of notoriously uncomfortable desk chairs...ergonomic first world problem.  Over the weekend my right knee gave a tremendous--and tremendously painful--POP!  Now it has restricted mobility, and if I forget and bend it too far the pain rages back.  But I am able to walk and drive fine as long as I am mindful of bending...or not bending.

I slept fitfully, and obviously my aches and pains followed me into my dreams.  I dreamt that I was attending a Disney-run science-y experience venue with my BFF, when I was diagnosed with distemper (yes, a canine disease) and placed under quarantine.  I can only imagine that my subconscious was telling me I am dog tired, going to the dogs, or sick as a dog.  :)

Today I stepped out to the garage to take out some garbage, and I was reminded of boxes that my husband placed there at my request.  Carey is truly OCD about a tidy garage, so there will be no long-term storage of possessions there.  After we moved, I did not get all boxes emptied, so he eventually moved them out of his beloved garage and into a rented storage unit, for which we have been paying monthly ever since.  I am determined to be free of that monthly bill and the unwanted items.  But that means I have to go through all of the boxes, because some of them house family heirlooms.  He reluctantly agreed to bring a few home at a time, into my parking space, for me to have access.   This will be an ongoing effort, but I hope to have it done before the temperatures soar too high.

I opened one of the boxes today, and the first thing I see is the vintage mechanical Mama Bear toy.  I think I got it for Christmas when I was about six.  If you flip its switch, the baby bear moves and squeaks, and Mama puts the bottle in its mouth for a few seconds, then takes it out and the sequence starts over.  Not the most exciting of toys, but I absolutely loved it.  I've been wondering lately if it was in a box somewhere, or if I had disposed of it long ago.  Its unexpected appearance brightened my Monday.


  1. So sorry you are not feeling up to par. I hope the headache and the knee settle down. Going through boxes is a tedious task; when faced with something like that I choose a "carrot" for myself.. a small reward for completing each phase of the job. Works for me...and makes the job a bit more pleasant.

    1. I broke down and took some Advil Liqui-Gels. Not supposed to take them due to interaction with a prescription med I take, but when desperate... Driving to an appt in the bright sun this afternoon, I was rubbing my throbbing temple at the nineteen minute mark, and sighing at the pain relief at twenty minutes. Not sure why it is exactly twenty minutes, but for me it’s the only pain reliever I can count on, and always at twenty minutes.

      I am not sure what kind of carrot can entice me into clearing out boxes…it will have to be something extraordinary. I’ll keep you posted. Oh, maybe an audio book while I’m working would help too!


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