Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Going, going, gone...

 I hadn't attended an auction in quite some time, so I talked my friend, Pam, into going with me tonight.  There were some really nice pieces, but none that called out to come home with me.  

This fire surround was really lovely.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  It went for less than $300...I guess no one had a fireplace large enough to fit it.

I continue to be enamored of enamel ware.  I might have bid on this, but it didn't come up before I left.

This scale is one thing that I was hoping to bid on for the kitchen.  However, it went very early and for somewhere in the neighborhood of $270!  Definitely not within my budget at the moment...cough...cough.

We did get in some interesting people watching.  The average of skin surface area covered by tattoos was very high, as was the average age of attendees.  Pam said that she had never seen that many old people covered with LARGE tattoos in one place in her life.  LOL

So we spent an evening of free entertainment.  I came home empty handed.  Hubby was happy.  


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