Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  Quite chilly out today...I have chili in the slow cooker...only mild chile added, as the husband doesn't do spicy.  Just being silly with chilly/chili/chile.  :)

2.  I wish they would call about our countertops tomorrow.

3.  Action for today:  My coffee table sees a lot of hard use: lots of coloring, stamping, game playing, and quite often usually meal eating.  Since we are still without kitchen (!) we are using paper plates and bowls as much as possible.  Some of my family members, who shall remain nameless, have been bad about setting bowls of soup or plates of hot food on the table.  It has been accumulating cloudy marks in the finish from the moist heat through the paper plate, but today I took care of that. 

Took less than five minutes by doing this with a damp cloth and an iron.  I tried a dry cloth first, but had no effect till I slightly sprayed the cloth with water.  Table could still use a good polishing, but I can't wait for Carey to notice I got the marks out.

4.  New calendars for purse and wall.  I love a blank slate.

5.  Hot chocolate.

6.  Hot bath.

7.  Clean super-chunky flannel sheets on the bed tonight with a down blanket.  Aaahhhh.

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  1. Love your blog - just started officially following today. Thanks for the Grow Your Blog information - looking forward to joining in this year.

    Happy New Year!


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