Monday, January 5, 2015

Making it Monday...

In November of 2000 (!), a dear friend handed me a quilt top that was pieced by her grandmother, and she asked me to quilt it.  I bought the fabric for the borders, and then put them with the quilt top in a drawer where they have since resided.  (I took the precaution of placing them in a pillow case, with a note pinned to the case saying whom to return it know, just in case I died or something before I got around to it!)  About five years ago she came to visit, and I profusely apologized for not having it quilted, and practically begged her to take it back and find someone who would actually get it done for her.  She was me or nobody.

Today was quilting day at the library.  And look!  The borders are on it!  I cannot tell you how many times this has been on my to-do list.  But being that this is my Year of Action, there has been real progress made.  I was hoping to get it basted today as well, but I talked too much and sewed too slow.  

Here are my marching orders to myself...Jan Monthly Goal, 3 Major Weekly Goals, and General To-Do's.  It felt SOOOOOOO good to scratch through 'borders on quilt' at long last.


  1. Well done, Kathleen - always lovely to get a long-awaited job crossed off the list. Your friend will be pleased, too!

  2. Thanks, Caroline. I still have to get it basted and quilted, so still a ways to go yet, but thrilled with the forward progress.

  3. Your New Year's Resolutions were great this year. You really caught my attention with their simplicity. Less is more philosophy? I saw one celebrity that last year vowed to "try new things" and this year is going to "ask for what he wants". Those are good ideas, too.

    However, I am going to try your Goals and To Do Strategy and see where it gets me. I like it, have seen you do it before and think it is manageable for me.

    My January goal is to put 4 pie crusts in the freezer. That has been on my white board for three months already at the end of 2014. It is time to get it done! Thanks for my own Marching Orders.

  4. Thanks, kfilk. I'm thinking of posting my previous week's and current week's lists each Sunday. And I think pie crusts in the freezer is a great and doable goal. :)

  5. good job girl. I have several projects like that that have been laying around and am trying to get geared up for that. Your friend's quilt is beautiful and she will love it so much when you are done.


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