Friday, January 23, 2015

Five things I won't miss...

Since it's Friday, I thought I'd list five things I won't miss from the old kitchen.

1.  I won't miss the pinkish-toned sink and counter top.  I think the sink was supposed to be maybe bisque?  The counter top was a very close match, and together they definitely read 'pink.'  Aaargh...that sink would only stay clean for a maximum of ten minutes...always looked dreadful.

Below is the new, shiny, WHITE, under-mount sink.  L. O. V. E.

2.  I won't miss the garbage being in open view.  And I won't miss having to reach down into the opening with wet hands to flip on the garbage disposal.  (What were they thinking?  We had it rewired to be on the backsplach.)

Replaced with slide out trash container

3.  I won't miss the two uselessly-narrow cabinets.  I know they were meant to be for trays or something, but they were so deep and so tall that they just seemed to waste a lot of space, and things always seemed to slide way back to the back.

Replaced one with slide out rack.  I think it's supposed to be for spices, but I'm not sure the warmth from the dishwasher would be good for keeping spices fresh, and I'm also not sure I could read the spice labels from that angle.  The shelves are adjustable, so I'm considering spacing the shelves so that foil, plastic wrap, parchment, etc. can be on them and accessible.  

4.  I won't miss the two flimsy lower-corner turntables.  If anything heavy was stored on them, it made the whole thing rub on the bottom making opening and closing difficult.  Things often fell off the back into the corner and jammed the whole works.  

The new ones are much sturdier...wooden turntable atop a wooden shelf top and bottom.  The back of the cabinet is now rounded off, so things won't be able to fall off and get stuck in the corner-angle dead space. 

5.  And most of all...I won't miss the clutter-magnet desk area which was really just a waste of good space.

In its place is now a full length 'pantry' cabinet.  Sliding shelves in the lower section make it easy to reach everything in the back.

Before we can finish up, the backsplash has to be put in, then have the electrician back to finish up, THEN stove and microwave can go in.  I can't wait to be all done and settled in.  :)


  1. My SIL is redoing their kitchen and it is a long process. But it's going to be worth it for you all. I just finished Stephen King's Revival but I am dumbstruck so won't get any review from me. lol

  2. Looks great so your improvements! <3

  3. Its looking so good. Cant wait to see it all finished. We had one of those lazy susan spinning cupboards at our old house and yes, everything fell off out the back. Designed by a man?

  4. Peggy, I will have to look for's been a long while since I've read Steven King. I'm working on So Much Pretty right now. Don't have a lot of time for reading, but I'll let you know how I get on.

    Faithy, Thank you! I moved the slow cooker from the laundry room into the kitchen to prepare tonight’s dinner.  Refrigerator and canned goods in kitchen…silverware, hot pads, towels still in laundry. Did lots of walking!

    Joolz, >> Designed by a man?<< LOL! Definitely!

  5. I love the new storage you have and your sink....I have sink envy! great looking kitchen. X Dawn

  6. Love your kitchen! I have the slide out trash container thingy too - mine's a double so I can put recyclables in the rear container and a small trash bag in the front. We don't seem to make much trash now that there's just two of us (or for days at a time, just me) so it works. What I wouldn't give for a pantry like that? I am stuck in the impossibly small kitchen in this rental - can't wait for our forever home and kitchen cupboards that are designed the way I want them.

  7. Looks like you've had a lovely time redesigning that kitchen. Know the feeling well - I had those stupid narrow cupboards (an a whole lot of other useless things) Now we have a very workable kitchen

  8. Kath it is looking sooooo good. I can't wait to see it all done and imagine you are wanting it done TODAY.


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