Sunday, January 11, 2015

Did it, Do it...

This week I had some really good progress, and I had a really painful setback.  I somehow injured my right arm.  The next day it got worse...much worse...the pain was making me very unhappy as I'm not supposed to take anti-inflammatory meds.  Then yesterday it was a tiny bit better, and today it is a great deal better...much less painful, and my range of motion is much improved.  

Anyway, my progress on the list for the week was not stellar, but I am happy with having three long-procrastinated jobs done!
I got the borders on the quilt.  I got the carpet stains out.  And I removed water marks from the coffee table.  I also did some of those never ending chores that don't stay done for long, like laundry, dishes, changing bed linens, etc.

This week I hope to get more done on the quilt, and I have another sewing project to knock out.  I also have to get some things done before they install the kitchen counter tops this week.  THEY'RE INSTALLING THE KITCHEN COUNTER TOPS THIS WEEK!!!  YIPPEE!

I got my list for the week started today.  I'm sure it will look completely different by the end of the week, as I will be adding things as the needs come up.  Hopefully it will have a lot of items scratched off as well.

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  1. I so need to write my goals down. I keep thinking I have to do certain things but I think I would be more motivated if they were written down somewhere. Sorry to hear about your arm; hope you're feeling better soon.


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