Thursday, October 9, 2014

Matinee idle...

I spent the morning going through recipes, planning a massive menu plan and grocery shop.  (I plan to do the actual shopping trip tomorrow.)  Then I hunted down an out-of-the-way paint store (it was much further away than I expected) to pick up special paint, along with some tape and rollers.  My son has agreed to paint my laundry room (even the cabinets!), and I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.  I think I've mentioned before that no one uses my front door..everyone comes through the laundry room...not my choice of a first impression for guests.

Then a friend and I took some down time this afternoon to go see Gone Girl.  Fun to steal a little idle time in the middle of a weekday.  I still like the book better, but was happy when the movie stuck very closely to the novel.  My friend had not read the book, so seeing the story unfold and her reactions was cool.

I don't think the movie was stellar, but I did enjoy it.

I was pleasantly surprised when the matinee price was only $5.50 per person.  I think I've been patronizing the wrong theater.  

I need to call it a night.  A professional is coming at 8 in the morning to measure my kitchen!  Doing a little bouncy happy dance and clapping my hands.  I will be writing more about it soon.


  1. I haven't read the book but am going to see the movie, I always say never judge a book by the movie and apart from The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks the movie never fully delivers,The Notebook movie was the closest thing to the book I have seen. Great post x Dawn

  2. I really liked that book and have been looking forward to seeing the movie. When I read Gone Girl, I looked up all her books and read them. Hope she writes more.

  3. I loved the book (though I've since hated how EVERY SINGLE psychological thriller I pick up is called 'the new Gone Girl!). Haven't yet seen the movie, but looking forward to it.


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