Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Baking bread...

This recipe binder was a wedding gift.  I quit hand writing recipes in it a long time ago.  I'm sure I wrote this bread recipe at least twenty-five or thirty years ago, while talking to my mother on the phone.  I can tell because of the incomplete ingredient list and brief instructions. 

Mom was the best baker ever, and she baked so much bread over the years, that she didn't need to look at the recipe to tell me what went in it.  Luckily I remember it well enough to fill in the blanks I left in the recipe.

Bobby was my able assistant today.  He helped me measure ingredients, mix, and knead.  He now knows about rising and punching down.  We divided the dough, and we each formed a loaf and put it in a pan.  The photo above is after its final rising and it was ready to go in the oven.

And after a half hour or so, we had two beautiful golden loaves.  We took one immediately to Kasey's house, so they could enjoy it warm.

 Then he came back home with me (he's staying over) and sliced the remaining loaf.  It would've been nice if I had remembered to set the butter out earlier, but...  It was yummy, and turned out perfectly.

And you can see we are already down one jar of fig was only a partial jar...the last of the pot.

I am a regular Suzi Homemaker lately.  I think I should be wearing pearls.

I'll put the recipe over at What's Cookin' 4 Miles North of Nowhere.


  1. there is nothing like homemade bread! My mum used to make it often out of necessity but I have never mastered the art of breadmaking.

  2. Oh that bread looks so good, nothing can beat the smell of baking bread mmmm x Dawn


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