Monday, July 9, 2012

Another day, another birthday card...

belated birthday card...
based on original from The Frugal Crafter

I was not kidding about it being birthday season around here!  Unfortunately one slipped past me, so I'm sending a card late.  And since it is to the one person in the world who made me the reader that I am today, I thought the overdue library book reference was appropriate.

The photo quality is awful...I really need to throw together construct a little light box for better photos.  I'll add that to my LONG list of to-do's.

Now I have to put it in gear!  Work tomorrow...Carey due home...another two birthday gifts to work on...laundry to go to wash...groceries to shop for...dust bunnies to vacuum...toilets to scrub...girlies coming to spend the afternoon and early evening...  And those are just the immediate things that cannot wait!

See, I told you the to-do list was long!

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