Monday, September 5, 2011

Making this Monday...

Today I am making a mess.

Bobby has a school assignment to research family history, and Kasey asked if he could come over one afternoon this week to look at family photos and documents.  First thing this morning I pulled out a box full of photos to get them organized a little.  I know, I know...they shouldn't be in a box.  I actually have photo albums to put them in, so maybe now is a good time for me to start that little project.

This represents one-fourth of all the vintage family photos my parents had.  After Mom passed away I painstakingly divided all of them as equally as possible into four equal batches. I labeled the boxes A, B, C, and D, and my sisters and I drew from a hat to see who got which box.  I figured we could ask each other later for copies if we were so inclined, but if we had to sit around discussing and dividing them together, we would never have gotten through all that had to be done when distributing the household goods in the limited time we had.

It is sad how few of these photos are labeled with names.  I can actually identify all of our direct family members.  But a lot of these are photos that my mother brought home from other relatives' homes after they passed away, so they are photos of in-law's nieces and nephews etc. 

Exhibit A: I have no idea who the child in this photo might be.
However, I am greatly amused by what is written on the back.

It reads: "This was my first experiment with an electric flash bulb.  It wasn't so good of sister but I took it especially to show you the chair.  I am enjoying using it so much.  The wood refinished beautifully."

Hmmm...experimenting with photography...sharing images of her home and latest furniture project.  I'm thinking that this person would be a blogger if she were around today!  I love the wallpaper and radio...the huge open dictionary and the encyclopedia volumes on the shelves...the berried-branches arrangement barely showing on the right-hand side...and yes, the chair is very cool.

'Sister' is pretty cute too...even if she was only propped up there to have an excuse to take a picture of the chair.  :)


  1. What a great photo and the journalling on the back, just priceless!

  2. That picture is so cute but OMG that hand writing! That's really bad! Lol!


  3. Are you sure that's not a guy 'gentleman' taking the picture.. & hence writing the caption? Women of that era tended to be proud of their penmanship and I'm not sure I see a 'lady' of that era being allowed to refinish furniture!


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