Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm reading (again) Wednesday...

Well, I am back at this one...again

This is a new book at the library, so it has to be reserved, and cannot be rechecked if there are more people waiting on the list.  When my first turn came up, it was a week when I didn't have a lot of spare time, so I only got a little less than half of it read.  But knowing that there was someone else waiting for it, my conscience wouldn't allow me to just keep it overdue till I finished it.  So I turned it back in, and put my name back on the reserve list to wait.

Last week I got an email letting me know that it was my turn again.  groan  This time I have even less time to read than I did last time.  I'm plugging away a few minutes at a time, but not making much headway.  Maybe after Sunday when the company leaves.

Today I have been trying to get ready for house guests.

I need to:
clean out closet
go through large box of out of season clothes
quick run through the house gathering up donatables
make a donation run to Goodwill
dust living room
change out mantel decor
iron remaining curtains
hem remaining curtains
hang remaining curtains
clean off and wipe down kitchen counters
clean toilets
put away sewing machine
hang some plates
recover dining room cushions (temp job)
clean off my bathroom vanity
clean the bathtub (delegate)
clean off kitchen desk area
put up magnet strip above desk
try on special outfit and hem if necessary
make flower headbands for the girlies
water plants
change bed
rearrange traffic obstacles in play/guest room
relocate some still unpacked boxes to garage
scrub the kitchen sink (delegate)
rearrange living room?

plan menus
shop for groceries
dust mop wood floors (delegate)

Here's an oddity of our house:  each of the bathrooms can only be accessed by walking through a private room.  That's access from a hallway or public room.  The most logical bathroom for company to use is in the office.  UGH!  You have no idea what a disaster area my office is perpetually in!!!  It is appalling.  The last time these guests came I had the excuse that we were still in the process of moving.  Six months later, they are not going to fall for the same story.  Oh well...what can get done, will get done.  The rest will just haunt me.

Some company says not to bother cleaning for them...but they are the ones that you don't want to show your bad habits to.  Some company you don't care what they see, because you know it won't phase their opinion of you in the least.  I love that kind of company.  :)

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