Friday, September 4, 2009

Seed stitch afghan progress...

Just a quick update on my knitting progress. This was one skein. I'm trying to decide if I want to try to get one more square out of the remaining brown (I think there might just be enough) or move on to another color. I'm leaning toward another color...for a little change of pace...and because I don't think I have another skein of brown, so I might have to run to buy another before I could finish.

As you can see, my speed is not stellar. Only three squares in a little over a month.

Oh, by the way, knitting today has helped me get past that tune-in-my-head problem of the last few days. My knitting gauge is about an inch per 5 rows. So since I didn't have a paper/pencil handy, I started humming songs on each row that would help me track my progress.

ONE Is The Loneliest Number.
Tea for TWO.
THREE Blind Mice.
FOUR He's a Jolly Good Fellow. (Yes, yes. I know.)
FIVE Golden Rings (I only hummed from 5 down to 1 of the Twelve Days of Christmas).

Of course, the other one is still in Carey's head. He came in a few minutes ago and said that now HE'S making up new lyrics. I told him I was afraid to ask. To which he responded that he was afraid to tell me.


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  1. lol to you and Uncle Carey.

    Hey... I think I can help about the large pic thing. OLM's body is smaller, too, due to three columns...

    When you save your photo, however you do that (I use Photoshop's Elements) if you want to upload a horizontal photo, save it (your pic size) to 550 or 540 pixels wide.
    Then upload it to blogger, and change the html, same as before, by deleting the size, and saving the 400 to 640. I did it for OLM, and it worked. (the tea party pics from today).
    I haven't uploaded a vertical pic, yet. Do they get cut off, too?

    Hopefully that will work for you.



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