Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Today is Tuesday...

This was supposed to be a 'making it Monday' post, but c'est la vie.

Just tellin' it like it is in this belated-birthday card I made a little while ago.  I will go put it in the mail in a bit...if I can psych myself up to walk to the mailbox.

Pretty much the only other thing I've been making lately is a giant mess!  I have the office/craft room torn completely the point that it has spread to the kitchen and dining room...and then I twisted my knee yesterday which just slows down the process more.  ugh.

(Why, oh why, can't I just wiggle my nose and have everything neat and tidy?!)

I am trying to be brutal towards downsizing my book collection.  All those reference and how-to books are filled with information that can now be easily found on the internet.  The gardening books were pipe dreams, since I have never been a gardener, and their info, too, can be found online.  I kept a few very practical ones for Carey to choose from (he says that he may have a vegetable garden if I ever let him retire), and a couple of practical home remedy case TSHTF.  Fiction I haven't read thus far, and don't particularly have a strong desire to, are going.  I am keeping only ones I have read and love and could read over and over...again, in case TSHTF and I ever have to live without electricity or Kindle.  

I need more shelf space to put fabric on, so that it is easily found and accessed.  Then I need to rearrange the room so that I can have my sewing machine set up and usable at all times.  I need to get the clean up and organization finished and the machine in high gear!  I have a lifetime supply of fabric and a family to supply with quilts.  You may ask how I plan to sew if I have prepper fears of life without electricity?  I'm keeping my old treadle for my back up!  LOL

Sitting on the computer is not getting any progress made toward these goals.


  1. When you master the nose-wiggling technique, send it my way! I love that card and my birthday was in February, just sayin'.

    1. Even as a child I was envious of Samantha Stevens’ magic nose twitching!

      Well, that card was spoken for, but there's more where that came from. :) Happy belated birthday!

  2. I too envy Samantha and her nose wiggling skills. Put me on your list too, when you figure it out... My studio looks like a bomb went off...

    1. I am meant to be working on mine today. So far I have been reading my new library book and checking email. Bad…BAD…girl!


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