Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bad moon rising...

I took this photo Friday night.  It's a pretty awful photo taken with my cell phone, and I hadn't intended to use it for anything, but it has a kind of creepy vibe, and there have been some incredibly creepy vibes flying around here lately, so it found a home in today's blog post.

edit:  There were three paragraphs here describing some current events around our area.  But upon giving it some further thought, I decided I didn't want to blog about them.  It's about some criminal activity, and, though I am sure that the perpetrators would never know that I had spread word of their exploits, I would know.  I'm always saying that the press shouldn't give criminals the satisfaction of giving them so much coverage, so I think I should try to live by my ideals and not give them the power over my thoughts and writing.  And just so you know, their acts were not directed toward me or anyone I know.

In the meantime my internet has been out again...very frustrating.  Internet tech came today and replaced our router and made an adjustment to outside wiring.  Seemed fine when tech left the house, but shortly started acting a little crazy.  Another phone call to tech support, and more time waiting for them to call me back.  Received a call from someone who was able to make an adjustment remotely that seems to have things back to normal.  

We were without internet for four days just last month.  This time I told them that waiting for days was not an option if they wanted to keep my business, and they did respond pretty quickly which is akin to a miracle.  :)

Things you can't do without internet: pay bills, use Amazon Echo, watch Amazon Prime, or Netflix, look up recipes on Pinterest, write blog post drafts...all of which I made an attempt to do before realizing that they were not possible.

Things you can do without internet: read, play solitaire, swiffer the floors, vacuum the rugs, make ice, wash clothes.

I figured out pretty late in the game that I could use my phone as a wifi-hotspot for my laptop, so next time (ugh! did I just say that?  am I becoming inured to it?) it shouldn't be as awful as long as I stick to low data usage activities.


  1. Scary! I hope they are all apprehended soon. Sorry to hear about your Internet issues - it is amazing how much gets put on hold when it's out.

  2. It's amazing how much gets put on hold when it's not out too! :)

  3. Let's hope you have good police protection, just in case.
    I never thought about reading this book, I have seen the movie so many times. I'm reading and should do a post too.

    1. The police have prevailed.

      I look forward to hearing what you've been reading.


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