Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A quick catch up...

In the last week:

We went to see two movies:  Arrival and Office Christmas Party.

We ate breakfast tacos four mornings out of six.  (It's one of the things the other Kathleen misses about Texas.)
photo credit:  the other kathleen

I thoroughly enjoyed the rented minivan.

I bought one Christmas gift and made two.

Rudy drove me nuts.  His excitement at having a houseguest was uncontrollable.

I read only one chapter of my current book.

We shopped at Dollar Tree, an historic downtown, James Avery Jewelry, Amazon, ebay...  (And when I say 'we,' I mean mostly the other Kathleen.  I'm frugal, but I'm an enabler.)

I received a wonderful gift of homemade fig preserves in the mail one day!!!  Yikes, I just realized I didn't serve any fig preserves to my houseguest who loves them too. 

I drove the other Kathleen to a wedding, and while she attended said wedding, I scoped out Goodwill stores that are out of my usual traffic path.

We finally received confirmation that my car is considered a total loss.  :(

I did zero loads of laundry.

I did a grocery shop before I returned the rental car.

I took a nap.



  1. Sounds like a wonderfully busy time! Glad you got the preserves. Christmas blessings to you and yours! <3

    1. You have no idea how excited I was when it arrived! You are so very sweet as fig preserves. :)

  2. Do you ever wonder if any of the Blogs you read really match reality? (Clearly I do.) I read my email backwards--do you? So I read Frugal Friday File 51 before I read this post from Wed. Happy to say that once the volume of online shopping was alluded to, the descriptions are accurate. I came home to a house full of UPS and USPS boxes and checking accounts that need prayers rather than checking. kath001 is much more than an enabler. She is a skilled online shopper (living in the country helps) and can find anything you ever thought you needed. So thank you, 001, for helping me find the perfect anniversary gift for my parents' 68th anniversary. I am also happy with black coat I bought to replace the one I lost on my last trip...

    1. LOL! Yes, OK (Other Kathleen), I try to keep things honest. Glad you are happy with your purchases. Please feel free to comment on Frugal Friday Files with your own frugal endeavors in the new year. :)

      I read magazines from back to front. Is that the same as reading email backwards?

  3. PS
    I don't blame you for saving the fig preserves! I actually grew figs this year in central KY and enjoyed them fresh in September. That was a special treat, too. I was too greedy eating the fresh ones so I didn't make preserves.

    1. Put me down for the guest room next September! :)


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