Saturday, October 12, 2013

The week in review...

Not much blogging time lately, so when I enjoyed Dawn's latest post, I had to copy her and do a catch up post.

Last Saturday I went to The Container Store and browsed and purchased some organizational stuff.  Then I came home and cleaned off and reorganized my night table.

Sunday the 6th was my dad's birthday, and I finished the book I was  reading in honor thereof.  Carey got home from spending the weekend with his brothers at the hunting lease, where he had a flat necessitating the purchase of two new tires.

Monday was a really busy day at work, and a lunch meeting meant there was no break at all so I came home absolutely exhausted.  Love coming home to dinner ready on days like this!  Thank you, Kasey!

Tuesday was another busy day...the closer to the end of the year, the busier it gets, then it stays that way right up through tax season.  I bought some tamales from a lady that comes by the office selling her homemade ones occasionally...yum!  Bought enough to bring home for an easy dinner.

Wednesday was somewhat quieter, but I played catch up all day and worked a bit late so that I could squeeze in all the work for the week.

Thursday I took the day off, and I spent a decadent day to read and sit in silence, and then spent an inordinate amount of time researching Rainbow Looms and where to get refills of the tiny rubber bands for them (see above).  They are all the rage right now with the kiddos.  

Friday I had to attend an annual meeting for work.  Normally I despise these meetings, but this year it had a good vibe.  After the meeting, I ran around the city looking for those tiny rubber bands, and once I found them I went a little know...'cause I like to encourage the creative spirit.  Also they were not the easiest things to find, so I wanted to stock up!  Then when I got home Beau was at work, Kasey had a function to attend, and the girls were spending the night with a friend.  So I spent a rare and wonderful evening taking all the boys out for dinner, and came home to an evening of playing Yahtzee! with them.  :)

Today Kasey tells me she is going to the city to get a couple of things and asks if I need anything.  I thought I'd better ask what she was going for, and sure enough one thing she was going for was to look for the bands!  So it was a nice surprise when I told her I had that one covered.  :)  (She wasn't home when I got home yesterday, so I hadn't told her yet that I had found them.)  

Jared went grocery shopping for me today.  On the way he ran out of gasoline, and walked almost all the way home before I saw that he had called to ask somebody to come bring gas.  I still had the ringer turned off on my phone from the meeting yesterday.  Now I have all the ingredients, and I am in the mood to make a feast of chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy, so I'd better get to it.


  1. You stay very busy. I hope you will show us the rainbow loom finished. I have been getting emails from Michaels about them but don't know what they are. I passed up some Stephen King books today but maybe I will try the son's, I am always glad when you post about a book. Tamales! Oh my!

  2. Great topic lol our girls love those bands too. Whoops about the phone being on silent I have done that so many times you would think we would learn our lesson, Tamales, are they a dish served in leaves ? we don't have them in the UK? have a great week x Dawn


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