Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm reading Wednesday...

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

I saw two episodes or so of this program on our public television station and really enjoyed it, but then couldn't seem to find it again.  So when I came across the book in the superstore, I picked it up.  Then, of course, the program became available again. 

The program is very true to the book, and I'm enjoying comparing each to the other.

(And because I haven't come across anyone local who watches Downton Abbey [it comes on right after Call the Midwife here], can I just ask if anyone else was as devastated as I was by the season 3 finale?  Oh, oh, ooooooh...heartbreaking.  Is that too much of a spoiler?)



  1. Yay, I can say I am 'on the same page as you' finally! I'm reading it too and loving it! I am going to get Downton S3 on DVD so am trying not to hear about it. I think we are only up to episode 3 here in Australia. Sounds like its. Ripper season!

  2. Joolz, so fun to know that you're reading and enjoying the book too! I tried not to say TOO much about Downton and spoil it. Will be interested to hear how you feel about the season later.

  3. I can't stay mad at Downton Abbey but how could they do this to us?????????? I'm glad to hear about Call the Midwife. I can get it at my library. My reading challenge went nowhere altho I do glance at those books and feel guilty.

  4. Call the Midwife has just finished its second series over here. I watched the first one, but haven't seen any of the second, but I do have the book, haven't yet got around to reading it. LOVE Downton - and yes, was very upset at the end of S3.

  5. Sorry don't watch Downton Abbey not sure when it's on.. being so far east everything comes on too late to watch!
    Will have to find the book... and check and see if I can find the program.. I'm currently hooked on Murdoch Mysteries a Canadian TV program.. it's in it's 6th season....


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