Sunday, February 3, 2013

A very productive weekend..

A five minute post, and yet another closet.  Though the Christmas decorations have been down for a month or so, I didn't want to pack them all away in the same haphazard way they were when I took them all out, so they've been sitting waiting for some organizing.

The new tree purchased a couple of years ago didn't fit in the nice, permanent storage box that the previous one did.  So for now this tree is still in its over-sized cardboard box.  Which meant that all the storage boxes that worked before didn't any longer.

I had been wanting to separate and pack more carefully anyway, and get rid of a lot of the unused decorations and  cardboard boxes in the process, so after measuring and planning, I bought multiples of stackable plastic storage boxes this afternoon.  All blown glass ornaments in one, all handmade felt ornaments in another.  The Christmas village and the creche are on the tippy-top shelf not seen in the photo.  

The shelving seen on the right side of the photo now has a season's decorations on each shelf: Easter, summer, Halloween, and Autumn/Thanksgiving.

It's not perfect, but it's much better than it was.  And I am THRILLED with all the projects completed, the chores that got scratched off the old To-Do list, and the CARLOAD of donations that were taken out of the house this weekend!

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