Monday, February 4, 2013

Two wrongs...

My office is in a busy shopping center.  So busy that it can be hard to concentrate because of the noise right outside my plate glass window...the boom boom boom of radios' bass...sirens going to the hospital in the next block or Life Flight helicopters landing and taking horns honking.

The one that sends me absolutely around the bend, and happens more than you might imagine, is when someone decides to camp outside the window and carry on a long phone conversation at top volume.  Seriously?  If you have to yell, get back in your car with the windows up and scream into your phone to your heart's content.  But no such luck.  Apparently the sidewalk two feet away from my desk is the only spot in the vicinity to get good phone reception.

I'm not proud of this, but when my patience has run out, I reach into my purse, take out my keys, and press the car alarm button.  When I'm lucky, the alarm blaring nearby encourages the conversationalist to move away from the noise polluted air space.  Sometimes it just gives me the giggles.


  1. AWESOME!!!! And they never know it's you!!!! You are brilliant!

  2. Oh, that is hilarious! You are so BAD! LOL

  3. That has made me giggle! What a BRILLIANT idea!


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