Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekending in style...

One of the reasons for my trip to Dallas this past weekend is that my friend, the other Kathleen, was visiting there too.  She is such a good Girl Scout, that she took her camper with her.  When I decided to go, I asked her if I could sleep in the second bed therein, and she said, 'Sure.' 
What she forgot at the time was that the key part of making up the second camper bed was left behind at her home, several states away.  She didn't want me not to come, so she decided to book a night for me at a bed and breakfast!  She makes rather grand gestures occasionally.  So instead of sleeping in a somewhat cramped camper...
...this was my warm, comfy nest. 
I wasn't sure that I would be able to find my way on my own through the dark urban neighborhoods, so I made her come with me.  She feigned reluctance nicely.  :)
I would never look a gift horse in the mouth...unless she started it, of we spent a few minutes pointing out the flaws around the place.  A) It was outdoor, steep, set of stairs that was not kind to our out-of-shape knees;  B) There was a lovely pedestal sink in the bathroom, but nowhere to set down makeup etc, and no other mirrors in the entire suite;  C)  The furniture was more reproduction than authentic;  and D) said furniture wasn't very comfortable.
We got a good giggle when we were talking about the difficulty of putting on makeup with no counter in the bathroom, and no mirrors anywhere else.  Kathleen said that she preferred pedestal sinks that had a counter top around them.  Ummm...wouldn't that basically make it a vanity?  :)
For the second night, I asked to be allowed to ditch the b & b and choose and pay for my own room.  I chose the Holiday Inn Express, where I had stayed once before and happened to know that they had the most comfortable beds in my recent memory.  She decided to stay with me there too.
Maybe because of the nice counter top around their sink.  :)



  1. Sounds like you had a fun weekend. That bed in the first place looks lovely!

  2. I' moved out of one of the B&B's we (my other half) booked in NL after one night, I didn't even want to stay the one night. Even the truck stop we spent an unbooked night at was light years better than this B&B... however the rest of the trip was wonderful and that place did add some light humour to the trip!

    and yes the computer can eat up hours of time I could spend doing something useful.... but would I?

  3. This sounds just like my mom - #2! It's the thought that counts!

  4. It is definitely the thought that counts...and your mother's thoughts make her one of the most lovable people I know. :)


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