Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I planned to get SO much done today.  Did I?  Nope.
Morning commute in the fog. Had to request and re-request corrected documents. Had to do redundant and unbelievably boring online training (for a job I've done for the past eleven years!). 
Moved furniture to make room for delivery.  Vacuumed up dead crickets behind moved furniture. Emptied trash cans. Organized. Labeled. Filed. Phone calls. Made nice. Blah. Blah. B. L. A. H. 
Delivery still hadn't shown up by lunch.  So I took a 10 minute lunch break to run across the street to McDonald's (blech) and bring back to the office.  Spent the rest of the half hour throwing together a card from scraps and office supplies.  I guess that bat stamp can be considered an office supply now...Mr. B. requested a 'cute' stamp to use to mark a trainee's progress on a 'passport.'
The photo super sonically sucks, because I had to use Carey's phone.  Why?  Forgot mine.  So when he dropped by this morning on his way home, he left me his phone.  Always thoughtful.  Always a gentleman.
More training.  Watched the parking lot to see who parked in 'my' space again (grrrrr).  Yes, I am THAT territorial.
Ate chocolate.
Accepted delivery.  Larger than expected.  Rethought furniture arrangement.
Made some phone calls.  Sold some stock.  Made some notes.  Resumed training.
Ate more chocolate.
Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat tomorrow.


  1. Wish I had as good an attitude as you--I want to be thankful for my job, but it's pretty terrible right now. I've found myself in a classroom of mainly autistic boys and lots of SCREAMING. Maybe I'm ready for a nice quiet office job, or maybe I will retire next year!
    I'm curious about the Paleo diet--just not sure I can give up dairy! Have you been able to tell a difference yet? V

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day in paradise.... Thanks for the phone reminder, mine didn't work when I tried to use it yesterday... we only have one car charger for two identical smart(?) phones and guess whos car it's not in!


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