Monday, October 1, 2012

Back to Paleo...

I'm jumping back on the Paleo wagon.  I felt so much better while I was doing it before.  I cannot even count the number of times I've been to the chiropractor in the past month.  Aches and pains...back and joints.  I've read that Paleo helps rid the body of inflammation.  I know my knees felt a lot better last time, as well as my energy level.

Paleo is eating fresh, unprocessed food: meats, vegetables, nuts & seeds...some fruit and a little sugar, grains, or dairy.

I feel like I've taken a zillion photos of salad with berries, red onion, and salmon, homemade honey mustard dressing, and just a tiny bit of feta.  Can't help it, it's SO good!  This one would please Elaine Benes.  And there's some in the fridge to take to work tomorrow for lunch.

I need to find more Paleo recipes for the slow cooker!

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