Monday, September 24, 2012

Making it Monday...

Now that I'm working full time, I have a lot less time for my creative outlets. So I take them where I can get them...and sometimes that's at work! 
My mug rug was a handmade Christmas gift one year from Mrs. G.  She is a sweet client, and she has a British accent that I love to hear.  She's had some stressful times in the last few months, having just moved into an assisted living facility and having her only child battle a serious illness.  As I was setting my cup down one day, I thought I should remember to tell her that I am still enjoying her gift on a daily basis.  Then I decided to fall back on the old adage...a picture is worth a thousand words.  Out came the cell phone camera.  I didn't take the time to center, or layer, or fancy up the card...just printed, and folded, and called it good...but I did write a message telling her how much I appreciate and enjoy her gift each day.
Today Mr. B asked if we had any thinking-of-you cards to send to a male client.  I picked up a store-bought card while running errands.  Unfortunately it was found to be a little too non-masculine.  (What's the emoticon for eyes rolling back in one's head?)  So I thought I'd throw together the most masculine card possible using a photo of something found in the office:

He got the humor, but refused to send it.  Thank goodness!  :)



  1. Here's the pattern for my latest dish cloth - just tricky enough to be interesting...

    cheers - Joolz

  2. I'm so looking forward to my hopefully early retirement next year! I want to do all the creative things I've put on hold for years!
    Love the mug mat --reminds me of the potholders my sister and I made as girls!


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