Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fish tacos...

It took me years to decide to try fish tacos.  Man.  Think of all the deliciousness I missed over those years.

Last night was the first time I've ever made them at home.  I decided to make them, because I found a package of corn-and-whole-wheat tortillas...they just begged to be paired with the fish.  I dredged tilapia fillets in almond meal, and lightly pan fried them in a little olive oil.  Bought a bag of Asian slaw...mixed the sesame dressing that came with it and a little mayonnaise, and tossed it in the slaw.  And voila!

Took about 15 minutes start to finish.  And they were really good.

I started my full-time schedule this four days, off three.  Add a couple of hours of commuting time, and it makes for long days.  I'm going to be needing some quick and easy recipes to fall back on.


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