Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seven random thoughts on the 7th...

1.  I'm a week into the Sky Scarf, and I'm wondering if I will stick it out.  It is a frustrating job to keep five skeins of yarn untangled!

2.  I'm a week into the 2012 Reading Challenge, and I am on track with my One Year Bible, but I have already picked up a new book on Kindle rather than one from the stack.

3.  Today was a fun day spent just hanging around the house with Kasey and the girls.

4.  I'm looking forward to a quick but visit-filled trip this coming week.  We will be going to see Carey's sister and mother.  I'll leave him there and take an afternoon away on my own to go see my cousin and aunt and uncle.  Then before Carey and I head home, we will jump over to the Dallas area to visit with the other Kathleen before she heads back to Kentucky. 

5.  There is so much work to do...and the more I procrastinate, the more it piles up...literally.

6.  Tomorrow:  clean out car, finish laundry catch up, fill a box to take to Goodwill, bake bread, make menu/grocery list, do the shopping. 

7.  Tonight I am ready to curl up under the covers with my Kindle.


  1. i can't get into reading books on my husbands kobo...
    i like turning real pages... since most of my reading is done in the evening in the hot tub... elecyronic books probably arenit a good idea anyway!

    I'm doing a striped sweater now and I'm cutting the yarn between stripes... I did run it up the side of the afgan I made for my parents... but then I felt obliged to crochet a border to cover the mess made by the 6 yarns running up the side!

  2. Lynne...I didn't think I'd like the e-readers, but I do. But I feel a lot of guilt for it, like I'm personally striking the death knell of ink and paper books which I still love dearly.

    And I DO read them in the bath! Before I go near the water, I turn it on, then slip it in a gallon-size Zip-lock. The buttons are perfectly workable this way. I wouldn't let it float in the water or anything, but I figure an accidental dunking might not be a catastrophe.


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