Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Estate sale...

I have seen other bloggers post about great thrifting finds, and I have bemoaned my lack of luck in this department...until now.

 At the estate sale that I happened upon during our long weekend, I found this beautiful blue and yellow appliqued quilt top.  The prices at the sale seemed to be higher than I liked.  I thought this would be more than I wanted to pay, since it was still there on the third and last day of the sale.  But nothing ventured, nothing gained.  When I asked the price, I was told $10.  Score!

It does have one little piecing 'flaw,' in that the quilter seemed to run out of fabric on the very last square.  One corner has some fabric substitution...which I find absolutely endearing.

This quilter did beautiful applique, and the fabrics seem to be in very good condition.  There is some blue discoloration in a few places on the muslin background.  I think it may be that the blue fabric's dye ran a little.  I'm assuming that (and the corner substitutions) may be why it was never quilted.  I think it is an excellent opportunity to maybe practice some free-motion machine quilting someday.

Unfortunately, I had no cash on me, and I knew they wouldn't take an non-local check.  Susan saved the day by loaning me a ten.

On the way to the pay station, I spotted this vintage tennis racket.  These are showing up a lot in decorating these days.  So I picked it up as well.  I told the cashier that the quilt top was $10 and the racket was marked $2, and I would be happy to pay that, but I only had a ten dollar bill and some out-of-town checks, and I asked if she would consider letting me have both of them for just ten dollars.  She accepted.  Yea!  I think the fact that it was the last day of the sale paid off for me.


  1. I LOVE that quilt--blue and yellow is a favorite combination! This one definitely qualifies as a
    charm" quilt!

  2. Will you be quilting that top??
    Hi, I was "cleaning" out my bookmarks today and went to your cooking blog. I'm glad I did and found your other blog. I like it that you have books on Wednesday too. Your blog looks really nice. Good wishes from Michigan.

  3. Michelle, I love them too. I think this was my far.

    Vicki, I love the yellow and blue combination too. Was so excited to find this one.

    Peggy, I do plan to quilt it's got others before it on the list though. I haven't been cooking a lot lately, but I need to!

  4. Well done - great thrifty finds, and I really love that quilt. Agree about the fabric substitution - makes it really unique.


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