Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's effort...

Another task done ahead. Yea me!

When it comes to the holiday dressing, we stand in the cornbread believers' section.

Usually (in previous years...when I wasn't moving) I bake cornbread whenever I make soup in the fall. Then I save the leftovers in a zipper freezer bag, and by Thanksgiving I have all the cornbread I need for stuffing. This Fall has been pretty warm, so I haven't made soup very often. And I really wasn't into filling up the freezer just to move it. So baking some fresh was in the cards.

Tonight, after a simple dinner (bacon and eggs), I threw together a double batch of cornbread and popped it in the oven. An half hour later, it comes out of the oven all hot and golden sweet. It is now crumbled and air drying...ready to become dressing. Yum.

Now if I can just keep Carey out of it...


  1. Yay!
    I love these days. So, so fun.
    I'm making Grandma's Pecan Pie!! :)

    [shudder] Certainly not that mincemeat that she used to have me stir over the stove, though.


  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Kath, to you and all your family - hope you have a wonderful day x

  3. Steph...When I think of the ingredients of the mincemeat, it kind of grosses me out too, but I LOVED the finished pie! Weird, I know.

    Caroline, thank you for your wishes. It was a lovely day.


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