Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby steps...

If a good mover is defined as one who gets everything moved and put away within a short period of time, then that lets me out. I do not like to find temporary places to stash stuff, just to get it put away. I want to find permanent homes for things, and organize as I go. That makes for very slow progress.

So we are living with small islands of order in a vast sea of chaos.

Exhibit A: Order...the pantry.

As pantries go, it is pretty small. But since I haven't had a real pantry since I moved out of my childhood home, I'm very happy with it. The plan is to keep most of the staples in glass jars. (I have a lot more glass jars...somewhere...I haven't found them yet.) Boxed rice mixes, seasoning pouches, etc. are in the basket on the left...teas and hot chocolate are in the middle basket...and cloth napkins are in the basket on the right. The white containers on the floor are for recycling.

Exhibit B: Chaos...the office.

What can I possibly say? We went to IKEA last week, and bought shelves. I started putting them together today.

It could take awhile.


  1. I think those lollies need to be on the bottom shelf, Grammie. *wink*

  2. That is a keen eye you have there, Kim. And you knew exactly who they are for too. :)

  3. I loooove glass jars. :)
    I have a set of them myself on display - and my spices in them, too (in another section).
    I think I'll clean out those sections today so they're nice and pretty....

    I have friends that move. Like every six months or year.
    Makes me crazy just thinking about it.
    I've moved twice in the last twenty years, and don't imagine I'll be doing it anytime soon!! :0

  4. nothing like the chaos of moving! It will take time, but it will get done! May the Force be with you :)

  5. Steph...what can I say, but oy vey! I can't imagine moving that nightmare! I guess it would make you decide what is really important to keep and what is really important never to have to box up and carry around again. :)

    Niki...I think I should make your kind words my mantra! It will take time, but it will get done!


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