Friday, August 6, 2010

Love those 80s movies...

I loved Caroline's Friday Five this week...favorite 80s movies. That was possibly my favorite decade for movies. I couldn't limit myself to five, so I'm listing eight movies from the 80s that I have watched and rewatched, and I cannot possibly surf past them if I see one playing on TV.

When Harry Met Sally - 1989
favorite scene: the dinner where they're trying to fix each other up with their best friends.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - 1986
favorite scene: the parade, definitely

The Princess Bride - 1987
favorite scene: the battle of wits with the Sicilian...inconceivable!

Sixteen Candles - 1984
favorite scene: the grandparents answering Sam's phone

Baby Boom - 1987
favorite scenes: finding out her well is dry...'I'm tired of being yupped and noped by you guys...another five thousand...aaaahhhh!' ...and then regaining consciousness in the vet's office, 'I wasn't going to put you to sleep or anything.'

Local Hero - 1983
favorite scene: every single one!

Crossing Delancey - 1988
favorite scene: dinner at Bubbe's

And my absolute favorite (I actually have a leg lamp, people!) is

A Christmas Story - 1983
favorite scenes: again, every single one!


  1. Thanks for joining in, Kath - there's quite a few there that I haven't seen, so I will add them to my list.

  2. I've not seen Local Hero, or Crossing Delancey, so I'll look for them :)

  3. Caroline...I've read your blog today...don't think you need another list. :)

    Niki, hope you like them if/when you come across them!

  4. Most of those I love.
    Two I haven't seen. (Same ones as Niki)

    Trev told a friend the other day that if he said the f-word that I'd wash his mouth out with soap.
    I told him that he has, in his life, said the word - sans soap.
    I think he thinks Ralphie's experience is his own.

  5. Steph, shall I send him a big pink bunny suit this Christmas?


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