Monday, August 30, 2010

Cotton-pickin' summer...

It is SO! DARN!! HOT!!!

Friday my plans got sidetracked, so I went down south with Carey on a very important day trip. Once we were done with the important stuff, we took a little tour around our old stomping grounds.

For years, every time I visit around this time of year, I wish I could take pics of the cotton crops sitting in the field waiting to be picked. This time I actually had the camera with me, and I even had a cooperative driver. But I'm still wishing I could have another chance at it. The sun was SO bright, it was difficult to tell what I was actually getting; and it was SO HOT that I just couldn't bear it for more than a few minutes. Our trusty old truck even started overheating, so one chance was all I was allowed.

These photos were taken in a field that had already been sprayed with defoliant. Most of the fields had already been picked. Huge truck-size bales (modules) sat covered in the fields, waiting for completion and delivery to the gin. The highways are all edged with white fluff that has flown off of trucks. It always seemed like such a shame that it goes to waste. My mother said that when she was young, families would walk along the roads and pick up the cotton that had fallen and sell it to the gin.

I love how the open bolls look like flowers.

Okay, Mr. Sun. You've helped the cotton burst forth. It's time to cool things down a little.


  1. The southern part of our state grows lots of cotton too! I do love to look out over the cotton fields, but alas, it's the only scenic part of southern AR. I do like TX--it just has a different look than even southern AR--maybe it's because part of our family left AR and went there in the 1883!
    I'm looking forward to cooler air too after this particularly scorching August! "C" and I plan a trip to TX sometime this year--hope to meet some fellow bloggers- so what part of TX do you live in?

  2. AMEN!!!!!!!!

    It was 123 inside yesterday with no air con. I may or may not be dying ;)

    I owe you a long email is your email working now??

  3. V...the nearest city is San Antonio.

    FT...I think my email is okay. I seem to get things daily. I'm not sure why yours and mine might not have been communicating effectively. Look forward to hearing from you!


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