Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am not superstitious.

Well, okay, I knock on wood now and then (usually my poor noggin). I spit when a black cat crosses my path. I try never to break a mirror.

But I don't believe that any of these things is going to effect any given situation. It's more of a habit.

And I am a creature of habit. I like my days to have a certain sameness. I find comfort in routine.

But we are up to some big-time changes around here. And I am feeling more than a little anxiety over it all. Not a bad sort of anxiety, but a sense of unease, nonetheless.

And I can't really talk about any of it! Because, you know, I might jinx it.

So cross your fingers for us, okay? :)


  1. Those are good habits to have,I have them too. May your changes be blessed.

  2. Now you are making me anxious. Anxious to find out what's happening, that is.
    You will be in my prayers tonight!!

  3. I'll be praying for you!!

    For some reason your blog isn't showing up as updated in my reader, I'm so so so so sorry I didn't come over & check cause to me it looked like you weren't blogging!!!!! I'm going to re-add you and see if that fixes it!

  4. Sometimes change is such a good thing, recharges the batteries, inspires, excites...I'll be praying your changes have that effect on you :)

  5. Yes, they say a change is as good as a holiday! I hope things go well,

    Cheers - Joolz

  6. Thank you, everyone, for the prayers. I wanted to keep the post lighthearted and playful, so I didn't request them...but they are greatly appreciated.

    I'll spill the beans as soon as I can.

  7. I know exactly what you mean about liking a routine - I am looking forward to getting back into my regular daily routine now that William is starting back at school tomorrow. I do hope all is well with your changes, and will keep my fingers crossed for you. x


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