Sunday, October 4, 2009

Knitting progress report...

Progress on the seed stitch afghan (pictured above) is going pretty well. In my update a month ago, I had finished only three squares in a month. This past month I finished eleven more squares. But I'm putting it aside for now, and switching projects.

It's time for...

...Christmas gifts!

This is a doll for a little girl. Of course, there will have to be two made. The pattern is from the Nov/Dec 1982 issue of Needlecraft for Today. I've made several false starts on this pattern over the decades (!), and if I don't finish this time, I am going to call it quits and move on.

This is the photo from the magazine...
I wonder...if I do finish it...will it turn out looking like this? I'll keep you 'post'ed. :)


  1. Knitting always impresses me. I can BARELY crochet and, while I love the rhythm of crocheting, I have never--not once--finished a project of it! But, handling two needles instead of just one?? That is just too, too intimidating! We'll be watching for the dolls! C

  2. Love the doll and dog - but they look very complicated to knit! Good luck x

  3. I really only knit easy things. The afghan will have crochet around each square and then they will be sewn together.

    The dog is not knit, and not in my plans. :) I expect the hardest part of the doll to be figuring out how to attach the hair. I'm a little intimidated by that.


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