Thursday, October 22, 2009

Copy Kat-ing part II...

Here's part two of my copy kat post blatantly stolen from What's Happening At My House

If I had a million pounds I’d …. have 1,663,500 dollars.

I am … thankful.

My home is … my favorite place to be.

My best friend …
is waiting for me.

My parents taught me …. to save up for what you want, buy the best quality you can afford with cash, and take good care of it.

Every day …. I overestimate how much I will get done.

My life is … undeservedly blessed.

Men are ... all dogs.

Women are … all perfect.

I hate people who … make broad generalizations. (Which means the previous two answers were written in jest, in case you didn't know.)

I love the sound of … the voices of the ones I love.

Sometimes I … put a lot of items in my shopping cart, and then talk myself out of them, and put them all back and leave the store empty handed.

I work …. with truly wonderful people.

God … loves each and every one of us.

As a child … the library was my haven.

The world could do with less … meaness.

The best invention ever … Sonic ice.

Before I go to bed at night ... I brush my teeth.

The last thing I ate … cream.

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  1. Oh these were good.I can relate to the grocerys tore one.Sometimes I do that as well,maybe put back 2 items and then when i get home notice I needed them,lol.I agree with number threee as well.My home is my favorite place to be.I think the best invention ever is the dishwasher,lol.Not just because its quick I feel like they are washed so much better and they are are all dogs.Have a nice weekend!


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