Thursday, October 29, 2009

Autumn travels...

We are home from our trip. It was wonderful. The best vacation I've ever had. And since my birthday fell square in the middle of it, I have to say it was the best birthday I've ever had too.

The fall colors are something we don't see in our part of the country, so it was such a treat. I took lots of photos. Though at some point I stopped looking through the camera, just to enjoy.

The time spent with the other Kathleen was filled with best-friend laughter, and good-natured squabbling, and multiplication of the beauty delivered to all five senses...

...the visual feast of colors in the autumn leaves...

...the sound of rain falling in the forest...

...the incomparable sweet smell of her newborn grandson...

...the explosion of flavors at my birthday sushi dinner...

...the chill of the morning air on our face, and the welcome warmth of a jacket to snuggle into.

I loved every moment.

And I'm glad to be home.


  1. Ah, yes...there's no place like home! But it sounds like the trip was divine. I'm ready for one, myself! C

  2. Welcome back, and oh I can just smell the newborn how cute.Glad you had a great time.

  3. You certainly are in the Autumn spirit :-)

    Thanks for visiting me, we are hoping this nasty flu bug will pass through quickly.

    I appreciate your comments,

    PS Happy Birthday!!


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