Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm boycotting Office Depot...

Our town has the worst Office Depot store that I have ever had the misfortune to step inside.

No matter what time you enter, it is completely deserted.

Which comes first...the lack of customers leading to fewer employees on each shift...or a lack of helpful employees, leading to no customer patronage?

I went looking for Avery labels. They have stopped carrying Avery, and now only carry 3M. Fine. I find a comparable 3M and go to the front registers. Nobody at the registers. There is a lone customer with a basket FULL of items at the copy center getting copies made. I inquire, of the atmosphere at large, is there anyone working the registers. To which the copy girl says, 'No, I'm covering them all.'

Wait a minute. I am purchasing one item, and I have to wait for copying AND a full basket of items?

I walk away from my basket and head for the door empty handed, and say with the least snark I can manage, 'Well, thank you anyway.'

I get back to my office, and find the item I want in a Staples catalog, and ask a co-worker to order the labels to be shipped. Then I get on the phone and call Office Depot. Very politely.

OD: 'Office Depot, this is Donna. How can we help your office today?'

Me: 'I'd like to speak to the manager please.'

OD: 'What can I do for you?'

Me: 'My name is Kathleen S______. I was just in your store for some Avery labels which you no longer carry. I chose a similar label of the brand you carry and took it up front for purchase. There was no one working the registers and there was a long wait at the copy center register. This is a constant situation that I have encountered at your store. I understand that you can't keep a full staff with a low customer volume, but you will not build your customer volume by having poor customer service.'

OD: {{{{crickets chirping}}}}

Me: 'I guess that's all I have to say.'

OD: 'Okay.' click.



Are you kidding me?

District Manager, you will be hearing from me.

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