Thursday, August 3, 2017

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Let me apologize for the terrible photos right from the get go.

I've been wearing my hair up in a clip for quite awhile now,

or pulled back in an elastic band.

 Well, it's still in an elastic band.  And there was at least this much more again on the shop floor.

I just realized, it's not as short as I wanted it, so am considering making another appointment.  But I will live with it for a couple of weeks; my calendar is too full to do anything before then.


  1. Replies
    1. LOL Bold is more what I was going for than what I got. :)

  2. Post the New You photo! Otherwise I will think you only cut your hair to have the cute Hair Today Gone Tomorrow lead! Live with the length you got. Trust the hair dresser. I bet it is great!! Does it swing?

    1. Maybe later. I don't know. It's not one I want floating around the internet. :)

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    1. It’s funny, but I don’t really like the feel of short hair. I like being able to sweep it up off my neck and out of my face. Not that it’s on my neck now, but I really wanted it shorter than it is. It’s cute. Problem is I don’t really ‘do’ cute. Wanted something more sophisticated. But I understand that I told him I didn’t want to have to have it cut every six weeks, so he cut it so that it won’t start looking ragged as it grows.

      I got it cut because I was in the mood for something different, and because I’ve been having shoulder pain for a year, and I finally got tired of dreading washing it. This should make that job somewhat easier.

  4. Hi Kathy,
    No one is ever satisfied with their hair. I had long hair into my teens but had it cut about the age of 16. I tried growing it a few times but my hair is too love thicker hair. I think that the recommendation to live with the length as it is now is good as you can always grow it again. Short is good though as I wash my hair in the shower every morning and it is dry in 10 minutes.
    What I would like to do is stop colouring but I would be worried about how much grey I had and how it looked growing out. Never satisfied!

    1. My childhood best friend visited last month, and we were looking through old photos and yearbooks. We laughed at how much my senior photo looked like Lady Godiva...the way the photographer arranged my long hair over my shoulder, you couldn't even tell I was wearing clothes! LOL

      I have an unnatural fear of new stylists, so have been going to the same person for 25 years! LOL It's not really that I don't like it this time, so much as thinking it doesn't suit my personality. I have at least two weeks to wait, as I am working too much to fit in an appointment till then, so we shall see after that.

  5. Wow! You cut it! I'm sure it's a fabulous cut. I cut mine really short and I love that it's easy to care for and dries in a few minutes.


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