Monday, August 21, 2017

Eclipse 2017...

This is just one of the reasons I love living around the corner from the kids.  We ran over right at the height of the eclipse to share it with them.

They had made viewers from cereal boxes.  We took over the sheets of paper with pin hole.

They had one pair of eclipse glasses that we all took turns looking through.

And I pointed out that the light filtering through the leaves show the crescent of the eclipsed sun.  

Being handy to drop by for ten minutes of life experience at a time makes me so happy.  :)


  1. It rained here, not a peep of sunshine

    1. Oh, no! Well that was a lot of build up for a big disappointment.

  2. Such a lot of hoo-haa about it. People staying indoor (in case it fell from the sky, I think!)and then you had the Donald who looked directly at it - idiot!
    I remember one when I was a child (in the 70's). It was quite surreal, pitch darkness at 3pm. Birds stopped twittering, my dad's horses went berserk, not knowing what was happening. Then the sun returned and all was right with the world....

    1. Oh good grief! Don’t know how I missed that bit of news, except that it’s just too depressing to watch every day and see what jackass stunt he’s pulled now. Truly, TRULY depressing.

      As for the eclipse, I am always dragging kids outside to watch the sky for something or other. When my kids were little, I used to drive them out into the country away from city lights to watch meteor showers in the middle of the night. LOL We don’t have street lights here, so I just invite some over to spend the night and then make them sit out on the driveway with me till the wee hours.


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