Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday's Costco trip...

I'm not sure how frugal this trip was.  I didn't really compare prices, which could be a mistake, but at least I am now stocked up on some staples.  This is only part of the things that came home with me.  I forgot to take a photo till I had already put most things away.  

I have already cooked two batches of smothered pork for tonight and one for the freezer.  The flour should last a year.  Pecans for the freezer.  Two roasts.  Oh, and my membership was due, so that hiked up my bill.  Canned tomatoes and canned Ranch Style beans.  Olive oil.  Large size spices.  Trash bags.  Four-pack of pizza crusts with sauce (I usually make my crust from scratch, but this was an impulse buy).  Ham.  Seems like I'm forgetting some.

I went with my menu plan in mind as well as staples needed.  Other than the pizza crusts, I stuck to my list.  No books!  I wasn't even tempted.


  1. I find it very hard to leave Costco without a book or a DVD. I have no self control.

    1. I used to. Nothing appealed to me this time. Not sure if it was the selection or my not wanting to bring more books in the house when I’ve been working to pare down the ones on the shelves.


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