Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Just home from summer quilt retreat...

Quick post as I have a lot of catching up to do.

Left on Saturday for our summer quilt retreat.  Our usual retreat location had an air conditioning malfunction!  We were miserable.  The repairman came, and he got it limping along, but he didn't seem to be very optimistic.  We gave it a whole day without getting hardly any work done, as it was just so uncomfortable.  Then we decided we just couldn't spend the night.  

At the very last minute, we called another nearby retreat center that a couple of us had visited, and they didn't have any guests booked, so they let us come.  It was wonderful that we were able to save the retreat and get into someplace that had working AC.

We've made jelly roll race quilts in our group before, but never as a competitive endeavor.  This time we actually had a time keeper and a prize.  Suffice to say I didn't win.  But am happy with the blue and white quilt top I finished.

I didn't get photos of everyone's quilts, but did get a couple of my favorites.  The one above is Caroline's Pink Perfection.  I just love it.  So sweet!

This one is Susan's Stained Glass.  She sat right next to me, so I got to watch her progress on it.  I think it really turned out pretty.

And I came home with a yearning for one of their ironing tables!  SO sturdy and big.  The owner told us how they made them, and I think I may just have to get this done!  She had a secret that makes it really easy, so if and when I accomplish this, I will share here.

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  1. Ehow lucky that you were able to relocate and carry on! Lovely quilts! And that sturdy ironing table looks just awesome. Hope you can finangle one of your own!


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