Saturday, April 16, 2016

Take two...

Another weekend, another girlie.  Caitlyn's spending the night with us tonight.  Neither of us was really up for photos, but the weather is supposed to be turning rainy, and the bluebonnets are already past their prime, so it was now or never for the year.  We went to the same spot where I took Chloe's photo last weekend.  You can tell the growth of other wildflowers and grasses are overtaking the bluebonnets.  I like this rather pensive shot of Caitlyn with the delicate grasses at her feet.

We went out for dinner, and now she is playing driveway tennis with her uncle.  Not sure what the rest of the visit will entail.


  1. Another cutie!! Great spot- love the bluebonnets!

    1. Thanks, Linda! We love the bluebonnets too (oh, and the girl). There are a ton of them on some private property that my husband has rights to. We’ve been reading up on how to gather the seeds so that he can scatter them here in our yard. Personally, sounds pretty difficult. Maybe we should just buy some!


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