Monday, April 4, 2016

Making it Monday...

Today was quilt day at the library.  I love quilt day at the library.  

I don't have photos of my progress, so I thought I'd at least show my fabric choices.  The image above shows the different prints in the Sea Life collection by Camelot Fabrics.  I will be including a dark gray solid.

This typed alphabet print will be the backing.  I think it is so cute.

And the binding will be from this narrow stripe.

I got quite a bit done today, but I'm not sure how much sewing will get done for the rest of this week, since I work through Friday.


  1. How dare work get in the way! The nerve of it! :)

  2. I just went back and looked at all your quilting posts. I was looking for some pictures of your quilting at the library. Tell us more about your library! P. S. It's okay you don't have flowers in your yard, I still like you!!!

    1. I really should do a post about our library quilt group. It has been such a blessing. We have been working on getting a donation quilt ready to give to the library for them to raffle. A thank you for them letting us use the facilities. Oh, and the quilt uses all Downton Abbey fabrics. :) I'll take photos of the quilt and maybe the group, and do a post. Thanks for the suggestion! (And for still liking me even though I have no flowers in my yard!)


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