Sunday, April 10, 2016

The obligatory bluebonnet photo...

The bluebonnets have been out since before the middle of March.  I thought they would be gone by now, but I guess since our temperatures haven't been too hot, and we've gotten a little rain now and then, they still look pretty.

It is practically mandatory that you get a photo or two of them each year, especially if you have little ones to plonk out in the middle of them.  You routinely see families along the roadsides...some spontaneous, and others all decked out for a portrait sitting.  The other day I even saw someone unloading props from their trunk...a rusty old tricycle and a Radio Flyer...and their kids were running around in pink cowboy hats.  The hats, I thought, were a bit over the top.  :)

I haven't taken any bluebonnet photos in quite awhile, and I wasn't sure I could rope anyone into posing for me this year, but every time I drive past this fence I think what a perfect spot it would be...and easy since it's right down the street.  It was really nagging at me.  Chloe spent the night last night, and this morning I asked her if she wanted to stop and take a picture.  She was having the odd accommodating moment, and even let me do her hair in baby swings.  Such a happy child, except when she's not.  :)

I feel better now not having let the bluebonnets, or my day with the munchkin, slip away undocumented.


  1. Oh...I'm headed to Texas on Thursday and am hoping to see some bluebonnets!Fingers crossed!!

    1. Hope you get to see some! My sister doesn’t get them in her part of the state. We still have lots in the hill country (central part of state) but the later-blooming wildflowers are now out and may be overtaking them soon.

  2. They are so beautiful, the flowers and the young lady!


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