Friday, October 31, 2014

Trick or Treat...

Happy Halloween!  A quick post to show a couple of photos of the girls' costumes I've been working on.

Chloe (along with many million other little girls) wanted to be Elsa from Frozen this year.  I combined several ideas I found on Pinterest (here, here, and here) to put together her costume.  I used a tee-shirt to make the top portion so that she could wear it later with shorts or jeans.

Caitlyn wanted to be Pocahontas...or as she gleefully says...PocaHAUNTas.  :)  I seem to remember making a similar costume for her mother at about the same age.  I probably still have it packed away somewhere...but wouldn't begin to know where to look.

I went over after the girls got home from school today to put on the finishing touches and/or help them know how things went together.  As I was leaving, the boys were getting off their school buses, so I absconded with them (with their mother's permission) and took them for a treat before they headed off to their dad's for the weekend.

Hope all are getting treats and no tricks this year!


  1. The girls are so cute. You did a good job on the costumes. It's funny but I don't think I had a single Elsa come to my house.

  2. Thank you, Peggy. We don't get trick or treaters in our neighborhood, so I didn't see any other ones, but I read somewhere that they were expecting there to be something like 7.5 million nationwide! :)


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