Saturday, February 16, 2013

News updates...

photo credit: Miss Amy

So the kids and kidlets went skiing for the long weekend.  Kasey texted me when they arrived safely, and except for Facebook updates, I figured I wouldn't hear again till they make it back home.  You news is good news.

So I am lounging around the house this weekend...reading...napping...watching TV...and late this afternoon my cell phone rings.  Incoming call from grandson's phone.  A moment of concern till he says, 'Hi, Grandma.  Chloe wanted to talk to you,' and he puts his little sister on the phone.  She just wanted to tell me what she was doing, then she passed the phone to Caitlyn, who talked for awhile and then gave it back to Bobby.

No news IS good news, but kidlet just-because news is the sweetest news of all.

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  1. How funny. I had no idea they called you. How sweet!


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