Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cute as a bug...or two...

Yesterday I took Diego shopping for his birthday present and out to lunch in San Antonio.  When I dropped him back at home, Caitlyn wanted to come home with me.  It worked out well for her and Chloe to spend the night with me, so over they came.

A week or so ago, I was walking past the storefronts near my office, and I saw the cutest little bee costume in one of the windows for Halloween.  I really wanted to buy it for Chloe, because she is my little Honeybee.  I called Kasey to see if they already had new costumes for this year, and to run the bee costume by her.  We discussed the possibility of my making a lady bug costume for Caitlyn (because she is my little Catiebug).  Then when I went back to the store to get the bee, there was a ladybug costume on the rack too.  Score!

They got to try them on and play in them last night.  And I got to snap a couple of photos.


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